Installing Fedora 16 from USB

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On 11/11/2011 03:32 PM, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> On Friday 11 November 2011 18:44:31 Miguel Cardenas wrote:
>> I've download Fedora 16 to install in onto my new notebook that
>> comes with no dvd drive... so I used liveusb to create a bootable
>> USB with the ISO... It starts the installation but then it says
>> it does not detect a DVD drive and it starts to install slowly
>> via internet, so what is the case of generate the USB with the
>> installation disk? Or what should I do so it installs from the
>> USB?
> You probably want the Live CD iso instead of the full DVD iso or
> the netinstall iso.
> Download a Live CD iso (it's about 700 MB in size, so you won't
> have problems with vfat filesystem), and create a bootable USB from
> that.
> Then you boot into the Live environment, and once there click on
> the "install to hard disk" icon (there is one at least in KDE
> version of the Live CD).
> I just did it, and it worked perfectly, without using any network,
> of course. It took just a couple of minutes to complete
> (essentially the time it takes to copy 700 MB from USB to a hard
> drive...).
> HTH :-) Marko

I second Marko's suggestion; this is a good (easy) way for installing
from USB.  If you're using the plain F16 live CD with Gnome Desktop,
the Install to Hard Disk icon is going to be found under the
Activities menu in the top left, and then under Favorites.  I just
clicked on that on my slow HP Mini netbook (no DVD Drive also like
yours), and installation proceeded without a hitch, so I think (hope)
this method will work for you, Miguel.

Roy Six
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