Touchpad right button same as left button

Miguel Cardenas mfcardenas at
Sun Nov 13 03:00:16 UTC 2011


I've just installed Fedora 16 on my new notebook but have a problem with
the touchpad buttons...

First, the right button acts the same as the left button, and if I press
both buttons it equals to right button... and, what if I want to emulate 3
buttons? It works fine with my old laptop, but the new one not... how can I
fix the buttons? The tapping on the touchpad is working, I used the same
trick as in the old laptop, both use synaptics...

And second... my new mini notebook has the buttons inside of the touchpad
area, I mean that if you touch the buttons (not click) it moves the mouse
pointer... it acts the same in windows, except that in windows I can press
the left button with one finger and move the pointer with another finger to
select text for example... with fedora if I keep pressed the button (also
senses as moving the pointer although do not move my finger) and try to
move the pointer with another finger, but the pointer becomes crazy since
the system "thinks" that I am moving with both fingers in different
directions :S How can I fix that?

As always,
Thanks for your help!
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