recent changes in gdm or num lock default in F15?

Andre Robatino robatino at
Sun Nov 13 04:03:38 UTC 2011

I never use the numeric keypad, and so never paid attention to either it or to
the num lock setting. But I just learned that my father, who hasn't been able to
log in for around 2 weeks, has been using it all the time, and his password
contains numbers. He has been able to clean install Fedora up to and including
F15, and enter his password both in the installer and in gdm afterwards, without
any trouble until recently. Given that my opportunities for getting further
information are very limited, can anyone deduce the most likely explanation? Has
something changed in F15 in the past few weeks in the num lock default, or the
way characters entered on the numeric keypad are interpreted by gdm when num
lock is off? 

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