SystemD - F-16

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Sun Nov 13 05:10:36 UTC 2011

On Sun, 13 Nov 2011 00:00:13 -0500
Fedora User wrote:

> The system does seem to
> boot faster but this is really arcane compared to sysV which seemed
> very straightforward.

Arcane is the word. One big problem is the complete
lack of anything like chkconfig --list for systemd
services (it would be nice if chkconfig just figured
out how to provide the info and included it).

I got very confused when I apparently forgot to
configure some services when setting up my system,
and a contributor to that confusion was the lack
of a decent query tool that could tell me the
state of both new and old services in one

(I do like how much faster it boots though, especially
during initial setup when I'm often rebooting to
check that things work properly or to go back to
f15 to compare something).

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