Trends - how to save Fedora ?

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Sun Nov 13 07:50:38 UTC 2011

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On 11/13/2011 01:15 AM, JB wrote:
> Hi,
> every Fedora release is going downhill ...

Erm, no. Each Fedora release has brought in numerous technical
improvements. Virtualization, clustering, directory services, more and
more features and performance per release.

> Time for Fedora to decouple from RH and become quality UNIX-like distro on
> its own ?

And what? All the engineers at Red Hat develop new tech in Fedora. Where
do you propose those new technologies come from if Red Hat splits off?

> Linux distros:

Without knowing a *lot* about how this information was gathered, it's

> Fedora, Red Hat:

These trends are pretty meaningless. Less searches on a technology don't
necessarily mean the technology is on the wane. It could very well be
that people are more comfortable so they're not Googling as much. Or
that they know to go straight to the most popular Fedora sites or the
Red Hat portal.

Red Hat as a company is poised to be a billion dollar company this year
(FY12). The FY 2006 earnings were $278.3 million.[1] That's a 4X
increase in just 6 years. That's *amazing* growth.

Look at things like, which
indicate that downloads and torrents are going up with each release, not

Statistics cobbled together from dubious sources don't really concern
me. They probably shouldn't concern you, either. You can manipulate the
same data to prove almost anything you want.

Remember, there are three kinds of lies - likes, damned lies, and

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