Disabling touchpad on Dell Latitude with XFCE

Oliver Ruebenacker curoli at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 17:33:27 UTC 2011

     Hello Rick,

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 4:17 PM, Rick Stevens <ricks at nerd.com> wrote:
> On 11/11/2011 10:27 AM, Oliver Ruebenacker wrote:
>>      Hello,
>> On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 8:32 PM, Oliver Ruebenacker <curoli at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Â I now found that apparently, I have a MultiTouch touchpad. Dell even
>>> offers a driver for that for Ubuntu, as a gzipped tarball. I suppose
>>> all I need is a MutliTouch driver for F15. I already found one for
>>> F13, but it conflicts with my system.
>>   While the specs on the Dell website called it "MultiTouch", when I
>> installed all the drivers on Windows, it says there the manufacturer
>> is Alps Electric. Where can I get a functioning driver for that one?
>> Thanks!
> The ALPS touchpad works with the Synaptics driver.  You can edit your
> xorg.conf file and enable the SHMConfig option
>        Option "SHMConfig" "true"

  I added that line in my xorg.conf (attached) under the section that
said "mouse"

> and use the synclient program to poke it.  Or use the stuff I told you
> about earlier in this thread.

 synclient still says:

Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?

  yum says I have this package installed:

xorg-x11-drv-synaptics.x86_64                                       @fedora

  The only packages yum finds that match "*synapt*" are the above and
the related *-devel package.

  What next? Thanks!

     Take care

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