Trends - how to save Fedora ?

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Sun Nov 13 21:01:23 UTC 2011

On 11/14/2011 02:12 AM, inode0 wrote:

> User #1 is from the user base professed by the project to be its
> target audience. User #2 is more from the enterprise consumer side of
> Fedora's community. My suggestion was to be more open about the
> importance of both of these user bases to help resolve the bad
> communication between them if nothing else.
> Sometimes innovation is driven by enterprise use cases. Sometimes that
> innovation affects Fedora users generally, even the ones that don't
> care about enterprise use cases.

Yes but the specific example of desktop user being affected by new
clustering technologies didn't make sense to me and is poorly chosen
IMO.  I don't think you have found a way to explain it either.  If you
want to talk about conflicts, say the way SELinux was introduced might
be a much better example.  It is important to recognize however that
sometimes technologies don't fit neatly into "enterprise" vs otherwise.
 For instance,  systemd fits both categories just fine.


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