kmail2 on F16 loses filters when logout

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Nov 14 12:04:56 UTC 2011

Peter A wrote:

> I had that same issue and so many others that I gave up. Running
> Thunderbird now. (This isn't a flame but what a lot of people do. The
> reason why I brought it up is because even if you spend time debugging
> this issue, are you sure its worth it? Argh, this hurts, I've been a
> kmail user since the very beginning...)

I'm the same, except that I've moved back to Fedora-15
until KMail2 is sorted out.

It seems to me obvious that KMail2 was not ready,
and was just added to Fedora-16 because a new distribution was coming out.

Is it possible to run the old KMail with Fedora-16?
And if so, how?

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