Trends - how to save Fedora ?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Nov 14 12:47:52 UTC 2011

Thomas Cameron wrote:

> Now, I absolutely understand the OP's and others' echoed concerns and
> frustrations. I don't like bugs any more than the next guy. But I feel
> like maybe there's some round hole/square peg going on here. Fedora,
> almost by definition, will be bleeding edge and therefore, somewhat
> buggy.

I find this "bleeding edge" excuse for bugs really annoying.
If you fire a rocket at the moon and it falls in the Pacific
you can't just say "I'm so ambitious",
you ought to say something like "Maybe I should make sure
the bolts are all tight before I fire the rocket next time".

I don't agree that Fedora is going downhill -
I've used every version I think -
some upgrades have been easy and others have had major problems.
But I've never had an upgrade which I found unusable
as I find Fedora-16, for the simple reason that KMail2 doesn't work.
I could go over to Thunderbird, certainly.
But I find it easier to go back to Fedora-15,
especially since I had kept it on another partition.

I found the contrast with the upgrade to Centos-6
(which I run on 3 home servers, with Fedora on laptops)
quite striking - not a single problem, or even difficulty,
with the Centos-6 installations.

So please, less of the "bleeding edge" excuse.

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