Help with rermote login.

Mike Williams dmikewilliams at
Mon Nov 14 22:04:07 UTC 2011

2011/11/14 Lucélio Gomes de Freitas <aa.lucelio at>:
> ===================================
> [Lucelio at MAQ01 ~]$ dolphin
> dolphin: cannot connect to X server
> Questions:
> What packages and where do I have to install them?
> Please someone can give me a pointer to get the information?
> I 'd appreciate any help.
> Ps: I can do the connection, but I want to run graphics(Dolphin, FF7,
> TB7, ...) remotely.
Hi there.  Try:

ssh -X


ssh -Y

You may also have to set X11Forwarding yes in /etc/sshd_config if it
is not already enabled.
If you do change sshd_config then reload the sshd daemon - service sshd reload

For more info use: man ssh, man sshd_config, and man sshd.



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