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Mon Nov 14 22:53:32 UTC 2011

On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 3:34 PM, g <geleem at> wrote:

> learning linux is not a 3 or 4 day adventure. it takes time. and, you did
> ask for "from scratch".

> if you want an 'all in one' source, go with "Rute". it is very thorough and
> the html version is only a 1.5 meg gzip download. i can not comment on the
> 'pdf' size as i did not pull it because i find 'html' easier to use as i
> can make my own bookmarks for later referencing.

I see....., it would take time to learn then.....

> reason for posting other links;

>  to give you a link for "from scratch" site. the 'html' link was so that
>  you could 'skim' to see what you would be getting in 'pdf' download.

>  redhat and fedora, for specific distribution.

> for future help and assistance, i would suggest you set your gmail to
> send 'text/plain' emails. there are several knowledged subscribers who
> send 'text/html' directly to trash and never see such post.

Yes, that is good to use for future too! I also prefer html since it
is eary to navigate in...!


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