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Tue Nov 15 04:20:05 UTC 2011

On 11/14/2011 09:49 PM, Joe Zeff wrote:
> On 11/14/2011 01:34 PM, g wrote:
>> who the hell died and made you list moderator.
>> [that is a comment, not a question.]
> What ever made you think that only a list's moderator is permitted to 
> ask members of the list to observe common netiquette, or to trim 
> redundant material from their replies?

it is not that i thought/felt/believe that a moderator is only one with

it is that i have grown tired of seeing complaints that come across in
wrong way.

a more friendly comment will always go further and get a better reaction.

as ed greshko states, there is a hot link to mailing list guidelines at
bottom of every post and this should be mentioned.

granted, you where polite in saying "Please don't do that again.", but
it would have been politer to state why and mention footer link.

> And no, I wasn't referring to your .sig, I was referring to the long
> quote ABOVE the links which had no reason being in your reply.

your following post was misleading, and i did want to clarify why i
use the sig. which has gotten a lot of flack. and as i stated, with
the good it has done, it is worth putting up with the flack. ;-)

being a subscriber to several mozilla tsl's, i see a lot of, better stated
as many, posters who use html and an even greater number posters failing
to trim. near all of them post thru newsgroups and could care less how
much waste they create because it is not on their system. also, they are
very predominately users of spoofed names because they fear getting spam,
or getting hacked.

as linux users of 'higher knowledge and standards', we should take into
account the 'bad habits' of ms os users and treat them with more care
than we do 'old fart' linux users.

if we do not, then we are shunning them and driving them back to oos.

so, in closing, my apoligies for 'flaming your butt'. 8-)


peace out.



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