upgrade F12 with small raid1 boot partition

jackson byers byersjab at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 18:12:17 UTC 2011

Robert Arkiletian:
>Here is a question.
>Currently got /boot as a separate raided partition. What if I boot
>into linux rescue mode with install cd and copy /boot dir to the /
> partition. Essentially removing the separate /boot partition. Then
> edit

>/etc/fstab          (remove /boot partition mount)

>to point to the right partition. Then re-install grub to the mbr.  Do
>I also need to rebuild my initrd image too?

I think you shouldn't have to do anything  re mbr, or initrd.
Just changing your boot partition to a boot directory under /
should be enough to deal with 500mb requirement on a /boot partition
for preupgrade.

disclosure: I don't know anything about raid.


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