F15 to F16 upgrade via DVD does not recognize previous installation

Greg Woods woods at ucar.edu
Wed Nov 16 15:31:49 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-11-15 at 15:59 -0700, Greg Woods wrote:

> I did get the upgrade to succeed, by using the workaround of
> copying /var/lib/rpm to the root partition. But now I have a number of
> broken packages that I cannot update. Most of them are qemu packages
> that want to install something called "ceph", and that refuses to
> install because it requires libunwind.so.7 .

Looks like qemu-common requires ceph, ceph requires
google-perftools-libs, and google-perftools-libs requires libunwind.
According to what I have been able to find on the fedoraproject.org web
site, libunwind has not been implemented yet. Am I really the only one
having this problem?

I worked around it by installing the google-perftools-libs package with
"rpm --nodeps". This allows qemu to update and everything seems to work,
but obviously this could bite me in the ass at some point, and equally
obviously, I shouldn't have to do this.

I'd file a bug against google-perftools-libs for requiring a bogus
library, but this seems like a problem that others should have run in
to, and I am reluctant to file a bug that will turn out to be my own
screwup somehow.


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