F16 KDE desktop effects - incomplete

Marko Vojinovic vvmarko at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 16:00:39 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 16 November 2011 15:25:16 mike cloaked wrote:
> I have two machines running f16 x86_64 fully up to date with a KDE
> desktop.....
> This machine runs KDE desktop effects beautifully - the cube for
> virtual desktops switches wonderfully and wobbly windows works as I
> would expect..
> The other machine has the same system also x86_64 but its graphics is:
> In this machine under the same conditions if I try to switch on
> desktop effects in KDE then it gives a popup saying that a slew of
> desktop effects cannot be turned on - including the cube.
> Both machines are running the stock nouveau driver.....
> Does anyone have a machine under the same conditions which does not
> allow desktop effects to work properly in f16 and if so is there a fix
> or workaround - or additional package needed - or a specific package
> from updates-testing that might help?

Are you sure the second machine is fully updated, and running the latest 
kernel? Try to do a "yum update" again, and reboot the machine, there were 
some recent (couple of days ago?) updates to some xorg packages...

I had the same issue on two machines with intel graphics hardware. The stock 
F16 install came with the kernel and xorg packages which didn't work on either 
of my two machines. They *appeared* to work, the "glxinfo | grep direct" 
reported that direct rendering was enabled, the glxgears did work as expected 
--- but trying to enable the KDE4 dektop effects would fail miserably, just as 
you described.

However, one of the recent updates involved a new kernel and some fresh xorg 
packages. After that everything became functional, and works beautifully. ;-)

HTH, :-)

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