F16 does not enable LUKS-encrypted swap device at boot

Deron Meranda deron.meranda at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 19:38:21 UTC 2011

After upgrading to Fedora 16 (x86_64) my swap logical volume is no
longer enabled. I had made no changes to this since F15, where swap
worked fine.

My swap device is actually a LUKS-encrypted logical volume. The
encryption key is random (/dev/urandom).

Does anybody know how the swap devices are enabled at boot now, and/or
why it may not be enabled for me?  Below is more information about my
setup; not that /proc/swaps show no active swap devices.


# cat /proc/swaps
Filename				Type		Size	Used	Priority

# grep swap /etc/fstab
/dev/mapper/luks-b1640161-ce10-40e3-a684-bc4b4c23b7d2 swap
       swap    defaults        0 0

# grep swap /etc/crypttab
UUID=b1640161-ce10-40e3-a684-bc4b4c23b7d2 /dev/urandom

# dmsetup info luks-b1640161-ce10-40e3-a684-bc4b4c23b7d2
Name:              luks-b1640161-ce10-40e3-a684-bc4b4c23b7d2
State:             ACTIVE
Read Ahead:        256
Tables present:    LIVE
Open count:        0
Event number:      0
Major, minor:      253, 11
Number of targets: 1
UUID: CRYPT-PLAIN-luks-b1640161-ce10-40e3-a684-bc4b4c23b7d2

# cryptsetup status /dev/mapper/luks-b1640161-ce10-40e3-a684-bc4b4c23b7d2
/dev/mapper//dev/mapper/luks-b1640161-ce10-40e3-a684-bc4b4c23b7d2 is active.
  type:    PLAIN
  cipher:  aes-cbc-essiv:sha256
  keysize: 256 bits
  device:  /dev/mapper/vg_beryl-lvswap
  offset:  0 sectors
  size:    67108864 sectors
  mode:    read/write

# lvdisplay /dev/mapper/vg_beryl-lvswap
  --- Logical volume ---
  LV Name                /dev/vg_beryl/lvswap
  VG Name                vg_beryl
  LV UUID                ZxXAlx-Dqx7-mXjT-Xgli-Nu67-5rPr-1uqwjs
  LV Write Access        read/write
  LV Status              available
  # open                 1
  LV Size                32.00 GiB
  Current LE             512
  Segments               1
  Allocation             inherit
  Read ahead sectors     auto
  - currently set to     256
  Block device           253:2

Deron Meranda

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