Error in booting F16 DVD

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Wed Nov 16 22:08:57 UTC 2011

I sent this again to correct my tendency to get my subjects misspelled.

When I boot the F16 DVD I first get the screen with the:
Install or Upgrade the Fedora

After I hit return after what seems like an extended wait {30 sec.   or
so] I get the following error:
systemd{1]  failed to fully start up daemon : no such file or directory

Then for a few seconds what looks like a small ram dump appears on the
screen and a message:
Starting Anaconda Version 16.25

After this the Media Check display appears. I ran the Media Check and
found no errors.

After this the screen displays the choose a language menu.

So I am left with the following questions:
1. What caused the error? [Which appears on two different machines]
2. Can I expect the installation to succeed or am I in trouble?

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