Can't start portgresql after F15 -> F16 upgrade

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Thu Nov 17 19:08:29 UTC 2011

Digimer wrote:
> 1. This should have generated a more useful error, like "data is from an
> old version and is not compatible."

Systemd stdout doesn't handle this and probably never will. Check your 
logs, as with any service issue.

> 2. Once the data directory was moved, I had to manually (re)initialize
> the database. There should be a mechanism for 'start' to realize the
> server needs to be initialized and do so.

I hope you realize that all your previous SQL data is in the old 
/var/lib/pgsql/data directory.

PostgreSQL version upgrades have always had to be handled by data dumps 
and data imports. With PostgreSQL 9.0 an upgrade utility was created, 
but it is not run by default as it is not considered stable. It works 
fine for me though. Perform a "yum install postgresql-upgrade" to 
install the utility and run "pg_upgrade" as root.

I suggest that you study PostgreSQL administration. I don't have a 
problem with how the current system works.

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