gnome-terminal "paint" issues?

Brian Ericson bericson at
Fri Nov 18 14:51:42 UTC 2011

Thanks for the reply!  I should mention I'm on f16.  Interestingly, this 
seems to happen more frequently the larger the terminal window is.  It's 
easily reproduced doing repeated "ls -d .??*"s and I've also noticed 
that if I wait long enough (upwards of two minutes), it'll repaint on 
its own, but it always repaints instantly if I hit enter again.

I'm using a plain bash shell with a default .bash_profile and an 
uninspiring .bashrc.  The shell is to the local machine.  The profile 
settings for gnome-terminal are unaltered (the "Default" profile) save 
that I don't display the menu bar (not that this changes anything).

TERM is set to xterm (same as on other machines I have f16 on that don't 
exhibit this issue) and both COLUMNS & LINES change when the window is 
resized.  stty -a settings are unaltered from the default (and match the 
other machines' settings).  This particular machine uses the English 
(Dvorak) layout which it inherits from the system as I pass 
KEYTABLE=dvorak to the kernel (my other machines have Dvorak keyboards 
and, consequently, are set to English (US)).

I went so far as to create a new user to see if the user would exhibit 
the same issues (and set that user's layout to English (US)), and the 
new user has the same issues.  As an aside, did you know that if you 
create or delete user using the "Users and Groups" application, it logs 
you out of your session?!

The onscreen keyboard (funnily in QWERTY), doesn't appear to have this 
issue, if that helps.

On 11/17/2011 05:22 PM, Deron Meranda wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 4:59 PM, Brian Ericson<bericson at>  wrote:
>> I'm having "one-off" issues with gnome-terminal on my laptop.  At the
>> bottom of the terminal, the results of a command typically (but not
>> always) don't display until I hit "enter" a second time and PgUp/PgDown
>> in man pages or vim oftentimes don't do anything (then, when the key is
>> hit again, the result will be 2x rather than 1x).
>> Anyone know what might cause this?
> I don't know, but here's a few things that may give you or others here a clue:
> Also, are you only logged into the local machine just using a plain
> bash shell, or are you say ssh'ed into another? Or using the
> "screen(1)" command? Or using a keyboard KVM switch?
> Look at your terminal profile preferences, and in particular under
> scrolling see if "scroll on keystrokes" is checked.
> Check your $TERM environment variable.
> If you resize the terminal window (and press enter), do the values for
> the environment variables $COLUMNS and $LINES change?
> What are your terminal device settings?  Run: stty -a
> Are you using any Gnome universal access features, or have perhaps
> changed your Compose key binding or other keyboard layout settings?
> You can also try using the on-screen keyboard and see if it behaves
> differently than your real keyboard (pull down the Gnome Universal
> Access menu from the gnome bar at the top right and choose "Screen
> Keyboard").

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