System hang under F16

jackson byers byersjab at
Sat Nov 19 23:45:40 UTC 2011

> I have no idea if it is related, but twice with F16
 > I've had Gnome completely lock up.
> The mouse pointer would move,
> but otherwise the screen was completely unresponsive,
> not even any of the keyboard hot
> keys would work (Alt-F*, ctrl-alt-del, etc).

FWIW, I am seeing exactly same response on F14
complete lock up, pointer moves.

I was not able to ssh in from my wife's iMac (normally, I can)

this version of F14 was from a fresh install, hardisk install from the iso.

I have another version of F14 (preupgrade from F12) which I am using now,
that is not experiencing this lock up


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