System locked up during update of kernel, yum in unclean state and kernel half-installed

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sun Nov 20 03:24:55 UTC 2011

On Sat, 19 Nov 2011 20:36:47 -0500
Deron Meranda <deron.meranda at> wrote:

> > I'll suggest again:
> >
> > yum history redo last
> >
> > (or you may need to find out which tansaction it was with 'yum
> > history list' and then use that number instead of 'last')
> Thanks. I read right over that the first time.
> Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have worked....


> And then doing a "yum check" again confirms that it is still confused
> and has multiple versions installed.

ok. Then I fear you will need to go to: 

package-cleanup --cleandupes


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