Bullies get into FireFox, and make a mess in F-14, way too easily, forcing me to DBAN the hd & reinstall...

Linda McLeod lindavaldeen at fastmail.fm
Sun Nov 20 22:11:32 UTC 2011

The bullies who have been targeting my PC with computer problems have
got into FireFox yet again, changing things..

Top too-bar is inoperative..

Fastmail logins are non-functional..

Spellcheck is non-functional..

And sometimes the bullies make the Google search-page be in German,
Dutch, or French...
Thus it would seem that FireFox is Fedora's weakest security, given that
the monsters get into OS's via browsers...  
Is FireFox addressing these issues any time soon..?
Any ideas when FireFox might be secure enough to prevent such
blacky/hacky/cracky/bully activities..?
Is there a way to reasonably secure FireFox from such skilled attacks..?

I'm supposing I need to reboot into an older option to shake the bugs..?

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