About Fedora Security? Drums machines? Fedora distros? Background configs?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Nov 20 22:29:31 UTC 2011

Am 20.11.2011 23:22, schrieb Linda McLeod:
> For various security reasons my work computer is almost never
> net-connected, except occasionally, to make critical updates..  Which
> networking programs do I disable or uninstall to clean-out the packages
> I don't need in Fedora-14..?

"package-cleanup --leaves --all" is your ffreidn to find
not needed packages, but you should know what you are

disable not needed services
depends on your workload, you should also know what you are doing

if you do not know read docs

> How do I uninstall any "key-loggers from
> the F-14, 15, & 16 OS"s..? 

what the hell are you speaking about?
there are no keyloggers

please stop FUD

> How do I get into the controls where a novice can reconfig F-14, 15, & 16, 
> to eliminate unwanted never-used parts of the OS, without damaging the 
> operation of the OS of this speciality PC, which is exclusively for Gimp artwork, 
> music creating & editing, and creative writing..? 

* read docs
* look what services are running
* read docs what the actibe services are doing
* try to uninstall unneeded packages with care in dependencies

> In what ways is Fedora vulnerable to cracker activities..?  and how do I
> close & lock those doors..?

in no way per design
what are you speaking about?

sorry - but this sounds like FZD again

> Will there ever be specialized Linux distro's: "Fedora Gimp", "Fedora
> FocusWriter", Fedora-Music..?  
> Are there any top-quality distro's in these areas done in F-14..?

nobody needs this, you can install thousands of packages from
the repos und uninstall unneeded software with care of

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