SELINUX is kicking my butt!

Fedora User fedoradch at
Mon Nov 21 06:45:12 UTC 2011

On Sun, 20 Nov 2011 18:33:57 -0500
John Aldrich <jmaldrich at> wrote:

> I just installed a new boot drive and installed F16. Since I  
> absolutely HATE SELINUX, I've gone into the config file and set  
> selinux to "disabled." Now when I attempt to boot, I get an error
> that it can't find the policy file and it hangs the system and won't
> let it go any further. How do I fix this???? Do I just copy the
> policy file from another location or what???

You changed the wrong line. I suspect that you changed SELINUXTYPE
rather than the line about 4 lines above it that is just SELINUX.

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