SELINUX is kicking my butt!

John Aldrich jmaldrich at
Mon Nov 21 10:29:50 UTC 2011

Quoting Frank Murphy <frankly3d at>:

> On 21/11/11 00:00, Thomas Cameron wrote:
>> 2) If SELinux is really disabled, your boot problem almost certainly
>> isn't SELinux related.
>> 3) How did you disable SELinux? By that I mean, exactly what file did
>> you edit and how did you edit it? Did you use perl or sed or the like
>> against /etc/sysconfig/selinux? Or did you directly edit
>> /etc/selinux/config?
>> Thomas
> I would say using the policycoreutils-GUI
I manually edited /etc/selinux/config. I tried editing (separately)  
both lines that say "selinux=" but both coincidentally FUBARed. You  
could be correct about it being a coincidence. I'm moving my /home  
partition to a new drive and getting rid of the PATA drive that it was  
on. Once that is done, I will no longer have any PATA drives in the  
system and will reinstall again. Hopefully once I tell the installer  
to use the old /home partition as /home again, it will adjust  
permissions, etc.

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