Help w/ F15 on Dell M4600 Precision Laptop purchase decision

Dean S. Messing deanm at
Mon Nov 21 20:05:15 UTC 2011

I'm at the point of ordering a Dell M4600 laptop.  I plan to run either
F15 (or F16).  Wanting very much to avoid tears and depression later,
I'd like to briefly know your good and bad experiences. The laptop has
been out since April and yet there is no Linux-on-Laptop page for it.

I'm aware of the touchpad and hibernate issues, though that info is from
the summer and under Ubuntu, but I can't find much state-of-art info.
Does anyone here have HDMI video output working under the latest fedora
kernels and binary nvidia driver?

Also, I'm particularly concerned about the CPU frequency stepping
problems I've read about. The machine seems to runs full throttle for
some people. I don't know if this is a real problem or just user
error. I'd appreciate any current info on this!

Here are some salient machine specifications:

  Processor: Quad-core i7-2620
  Memory:    4G 1333MHz (I'll upgrade later w/ non-Dell)
  Graphics:  Nvidia Quadro 1000M
  Display:   1920x1080 Anti-glare wLED-backlit
  Storage:   500GB hard drive (I'll upgrade later w/ non-Dell)

Thanks very much for your help!


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