Having a large desktop. (Font, icon and application sizes)

Dean S. Messing deanm at sharplabs.com
Tue Nov 22 06:56:08 UTC 2011

Marko Vojinovic wrote
> On Monday 21 November 2011 20:43:07 linux guy wrote:
> > No replies to this ?   Am I asking the question wrong ?  All I want is
> > everything on the desktop to be larger.
> Decrease monitor resolution?
> The xrandr will tell you what resolutions are supported by your monitor. You 
> can make a custom xorg.conf specifying the preffered resolution, and/or use 
> xrandr to change the resolution on-the-fly.
> Decreasing the resolution means that literally *everything* on the screen will 
> become larger. Otherwise, you should specify what exactly you want to be 
> larger, and what should keep its original size. That approach would probably 
> require manually tweaking the sizes of various stuff --- fonts, icons, panels, 
> widgets, etc. Each of those can be configured either inside its own settings 
> menu, or using the plasma control handles, or in systemsettings.

If the OP is using an flat panel display (FPD), then changing the
declared monitor resolution may not be the best way.  Normally with an
FPD, you want to set the declared resolution to be the native resolution
of the flat panel. Otherwise the video card must scale. Scaling can
introduce artifacts on sharp edges like text fonts and make them look

Instead you can might try the "DPI" option in xorg.conf.  I have (in
the "Device" Section)

  Option   "DPI" "100x100"

for my 1920x1200 laptop display.  This made all the fonts SMALLER than
they were before putting in that option. (I like small fonts.) Play
around with this to see if affects things.  Note that I'm using the 

Note that I'm using the binary nvidia driver. Not sure if this option
is valid for nouveau.


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