Snap! A system snapshotter for Fedora / Ubuntu / Windows / and more

Mo Morsi mmorsi at
Tue Nov 22 11:21:03 UTC 2011

Hey all, I'm looking for help testing a project I've been working on 
over the last few months. Snap [1] is a cross-platform system snapshot 
and restoration utility which uses the underlying package management 
system to take snapshots of packages installed as well as files modified 
outside of the package management system.

Only files modified post-installation and new-files (eg those not 
tracked by the package system) are backed up so that snapshots are 
lightweight and are able to be migrated across hosts. Currently 
supported are RPM based distros (Fedora, RHEL, CentOS <./CentOS.html>), 
Deb based distros (Debian, Ubutunu), and Windows

Also supported are service snapshots. For example postgres and mysql 
db's will be backed up, as are Apache and IIS websites using the native 
tooling. All of this is built ontop of a very modular / plugable system 
which allows developers to extend Snap to take and restore snapshots of 
any custom target.

My intention of this project was to make cross-virtualization-hypervisor 
and cross-cloud-provider [2] snapshots a cinch, but it can also be used 
for general system backup and recovery.

  I've tried to harden it up as much as I could up to this point, 
writing an extensive test suite, and conducting full integration testing 
on various platforms but am looking for more widespread testing, 
especially in alternative environments. Also I would like to start 
forming a community around this project, to write backends to support 
snapshots on a variety of platforms and of a variety of services.

The project is as open source as it gets, written in Python and licensed 
under the GPLv3. I've submitted Snap to Fedora [3] and Debian / Ubuntu 
[4], any package reviews would be more than appreciated.

Thanks for reading so far!

-Mo Morsi




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