rhythembox problems

Patrick Lists fedora-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 22 15:15:34 UTC 2011

On 11/22/2011 04:04 PM, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I assume people are not having the problems with rhythembox. In neither
> F15 nor F16 does rhythembox play Audio CDs. On both systems it can't
> find the CD. That is not completely true. If I click on devices, the
> tracks are shown bit the program does nothing if I click on play. Are
> others having the same problem? If not how can I make it work?

Did a quick check. I have a one day old F16 x86_64 install with latest 
updates. Started Rhythmbox, inserted a cd, got the notification where I 
clicked "Open with Rhythmbox" and in Rhythmbox clicked on play. The cd 
played fine. I have no idea why it does not work for you.


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