statically-built qemu-[arch] on Fedora

Mr Dash Four mr.dash.four at
Wed Nov 23 02:51:13 UTC 2011

Is it possible to get/compile/build static qemu-[arch] similar to the qemu-user-static in Debian? 

I am making use of binfmt_misc and need to execute statically built qemu-[arch]. Using the "standard" qemu-[arch] won't work because I am executing this in a chrooted environment where all the libraries qemu needs to link to are outside of the chroot.

I tried to use the qemu source rpm in order to build it (using the --static ./configure option), but unfortunately I can't do it - the .spec file is created in such a way that it cannot be easily adapted for building statically linked qemu executables. Any help with this would be much appreciated, thanks!

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