Anyone Else Having Problems with Firefox??

Fedora User fedoradch at
Wed Nov 23 04:02:15 UTC 2011

On Wed, 23 Nov 2011 03:07:11 +0000
g <geleem at> wrote:

> On 11/23/2011 02:44 AM, Fedora User wrote:
> <>
> > Shouldn't be sarcastic. The RPM is listed on the first line of
> > the original post (firefox-8.03).
> there is nothing sarcastic about my statement. my statement was
> because you where thoughtful enough to mention which firefox v/r you
> are using.

My apologies. I stand corrected. In any event, I backed up my bookmarks
uninstalled, removed the mozilla directory and reinstalled. That seems
to have fixed the problem. I realized that I have archived and moved
that directory to a couple of computers and it probably dates back IIRC
to F9.

> because of your 'snotty' remark, and failure to try or mention if you
> even bothered to try what i have already suggested, i withdraw from
> offering you more help.

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