Anyone Else Having Problems with Firefox??

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Wed Nov 23 05:18:14 UTC 2011

On 11/23/2011 04:02 AM, Fedora User wrote:

> My apologies. I stand corrected.


> In any event, I backed up my bookmarks uninstalled, removed the mozilla
> directory and reinstalled.
> That seems to have fixed the problem.

"seems" is a magic word here.

so, back to my first post, did you run thru procedure before reinstalling?

you still could run into problem again.

did you run a fresh install of add-ons you originally had?

add-ons are v/r critical. in add-ons window, you will/should see a
button for checking compatibility or it is under 'tools' or 'help' menu.
this needs to be done when ever you upgrade.

mozilla is in a 'hoop jumping' phase trying to keep up with google chrome
releases and they are weak to none about making releases for older versions.

because of this, the 'half life' procedure is used to find if a problem is
caused by non compatibility.

due to all of the changing, some of the links i provided before may no
longer exist.

therefore, i you have problems with extensions, give this link a read.

for access to new troubleshooting, check this link for documented problems;

> I realized that I have archived and moved that directory to a couple of
> computers and it probably dates back IIRC to F9.

if you did not update add-ons with upgrading, you could have had add-ons
that where not computable with later releases. another reason for 'half life'.


peace out.



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