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On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:39 PM, Mikkel L. Ellertson
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> On 11/23/2011 03:57 AM, JB wrote:
> >
> > The purpose of a distro project is to deliver a product (not to maintain
> a test
> > system OS), with implied quality, and for a user.
> >
> > It is time to blink.
> >
> > JB
> >
> >
> And here I though different distributions were targeted to different
> users, and not all the same. I did not know that Fedora was even
> considered a product. I thought it was a test bed for new ideas and
> software.
> Now, I would consider RedHat Linux a product. Ubuntu could also be
> considered a product. To a lesser extent CentOS, and other
> distributions based on RH Linux are products.
> Just my thoughts on the subject...
> Mikkel
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Um, I thought Red Hat was releasing a tested and supported system...and
Fedora was just a test bed for the latest software and was only for those
willing/desiring to take the chance/risk...and deal with bleeding edge
software?  (...should there be more emphasis on bleeding?)  I think no one
has room to complain (well, for the most part) of this paradigm/...  As for
myself...yes I might have some worries with regards to basic file system
changes (ext3/ext4/btrfs.../others?) and hope for no catastrophic results
from using bleeding edge software.  But I have no worries about the rest
and so far no insurmountable difficulties...and I have made my choice a
very long time ago (I did start with RedHat 4.0 I think)...and I support
Fedora (at least as a KDE user...)....


PS: I am not interested in creating any flame wars, accusations of troll
baiting...I just want a system that I can use,,,and Fadora ( has mostly)
done this for me.  I have never be a Gnome user, feels too locked
down...difficult...excepting (for a brief period of time) when KDE 4.0 was
released I have just been a KDE user with the Fedora base....then I tried
Gnome, gave up and tried several other desktop managers for several months
and then reverted to KDE once new versions were released.
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