Update of rpmfusion-* on F16-x86_64 is confusing or lost.

Lucélio Gomes de Freitas aa.lucelio at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 20:18:22 UTC 2011

Em 23-11-2011 17:56, T.C. Hollingsworth escreveu:
> 2011/11/23 Lucélio Gomes de Freitas <aa.lucelio at gmail.com>:
>> TC,
>> The simple fact that the repository is listed by "yum repolist" means
>> that it is enabled?
>> Once they are there, why the question "Do you trust the source of the
>> packages?". Is this a bug?
> Well, you should get that when installing the rpmfusion-release
> packages, because they're from a source that the system doesn't know
> about. (The fact that apper froze afterward seems to be a bug,
> though.)
I agree with you and until now, for me, I did't do anything wrong, but
I'm ready to learn.
> Once you've installed that, it should install the RPMFusion GPG keys
> into RPM so you don't get that error when installing new packages from
> RPMFusion. Do you still get that message when you try to install
Trying "sudo yum localinstall --nogpgcheck*" I get the message:
 this "*-release-stable.noarch.rpm" doesn't update the installed Package.
> RPMFusion packages, or has it gone away?
No, these are the only two entry that I can't take out of "Apper", the
rest passes ok.
How do I file this bug. Can you help me?

> -T.C.

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