How do I revert back to kernel-headers- ?

Dean S. Messing deanm at
Wed Nov 23 21:30:08 UTC 2011

Yesterday I updated by F15 system. 
Three of the updated packages were


This turned out to make rebuilding the
VMware modules a MAJOR pain, and today I
noticed that VMware is loading an entire
CPU---with nothing running in
the Windows XP client!

So I intend to revert back to my ""
system. Evidently, kernel-headers-
was removed in the update.

So my questions: 

1) How do I remove the headers and
   re-install the version?  When I
   go to erase the current headers, yum wants to
   remove a boatload of other stuff that presumably
   was built against these headers.

2) Can I have two sets of headers on the machine
   at the same time?

3) If yes, where can I get the version.
   Yum isn't finding it in "updates"?



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