Bad memory module?

Dean S. Messing deanm at
Wed Nov 23 21:40:09 UTC 2011

On Thu, 24 Nov 2011, Soham Chakraborty wrote.
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 2:11 AM, Dean S. Messing wrote:
> > Do you know what this message actually means?
> >
> It basically means memory error checking on a memory module along with a
> parity checking bit. It is calculated when one byte of memory is written
> and then again when it is read. If the parity has changed, then the memory
> has been changed.
> Since you have a correctable error, it shouldn't be any problem with the
> memory module.

Thanks!  But now I'm curious: Is the edac module running an entire
memory check each time it writes this error out?  If not, how is it
detecting this?  Is the kernel simply doing this parity check on each

Also, if it's not a problem with the memory module, what might it be a
problem with?  This just started happening night before last.  The error
messages don't appear in any previous "messages" files.

> Also, you can blacklist the edac module, afaik and let the
> BIOS do the error detection and correction.

Good to know. Thanks.  But I'd like to trace and fix whatever is causing
the problem, if indeed there is one.


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