F16 kde plasma crashes - occasional

mike cloaked mike.cloaked at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 21:59:31 UTC 2011

I have been running f16 x86_64 with kde 4.7.3 for a week or two on two
different machines.  Occasionally I have found that the screen saver
kicks in but then fails to time out and so the screensaver runs
continuously without powersaving the monitor after a period as
normally happens.  Occasionally I have had chrome not close down
properly and leaves a tab in the panel labeled as chrome but not able
to remove it except that moving to a different desktop with a keyboard
switch sometimes mysteriously fixes it. So there appears to be some
mysterious instability in kde 4.7.3 that I can't easily diagnose.

There is nothing I can find in the logs to indicate a problem but it
is a little irritating - I can't roll out kde on f16 to less
experienced users until kde becomes really stable. These issues are
happening several times per day for a machine that is in use (by me).
Once a machine is left to its own devices with the screensaver running
and once it has gone into monitor powersave it seems stable - but it
doesn't always get to that stage, and these randomly timed
instabilities are an annoyance. Anyone else had any similar issues?

I have seen on a gentoo list that people are also seeing instability
with 4.7.3 and are making comments that kde 4.8 looks much more
stable!  Does anyone know what is the status is of kde development
with regard to Fedora and the rollout timescale for kde 4.8?


mike c

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