system console redirection - all but boot messages redirected ttyS0?

Morgan Read mstuff at
Thu Nov 24 05:04:02 UTC 2011

On 21/11/11 03:45, Roger Heflin wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 7:19 PM, Morgan Read <mstuff at> wrote:
>> Hello Folks
>> I'm running f14 (still)
>> I've successfully configured my machine (hp ml150 g3) to redirect bios,
>> grub menu and login prompt - but, between the grub menu and the login
>> prompt I'm missing the boot messages.  If I remove "quiet" from
>> grub.conf's kernel line I get kernel messages reported to ttyS0, but
>> leaving "quiet" in boot messages are report to tty0 but not ttyS0.
>> Any pointers any one has would be much appreciated?
>> (The most up-to-date information I've found seems to be here:
>> Anything else out there?)
> The kernel generated messages will go to all consoles.
> The messages from userspace (ie rc script) will only go to the last
> console= listed, it has been that way pretty much forever I don't
> believe anyone has looked into what changes would be needed in the rc
> script to allow output to go to more than 1 console.
> The only solution I have previously done is to adjust the rc scripts
> to use tee and go to both console, but this is a major pain as you
> have to redo it with each rc script upgrade, in that case we had our
> own custom distribution for a 1000+ machines that was only being
> updated every 9-12 months so it was possible to keep the required
> changes with updates.

Hi Roger

Thanks for getting back - I followed your instructions.  It seemed I
needed to swap console=ttyS0 and console=tty0 BUT opposite from what you
suggested.  That is, console=ttyS0 was last and by swapping it with
console=tty0 and making console=ttyS0 listed first I had rc script
(userspace) messages reported to ttyS0...  Strange?

Stranger still, when I did the above, I stopped getting a login prompt
on ttyS0.  So, swapping as I said above (opposite to your suggestion)
gave me rc script messages to ttyS0 and no login...

Do you have any ideas how to get the login prompt back?


Morgan Read

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