Is android linux done right?

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Thu Nov 24 06:45:31 UTC 2011

On 11/18/2011 04:04 PM, Pete Travis wrote:
> On Nov 17, 2011 11:44 PM, "Skunk Worx"<skunkworx at>  wrote:
>> Android may be the fastest growing linux distribution in history.
>> Now that Google has open sourced Ice Cream Sandwich, will some linux
>> distribution leverage the Android "Java Desktop" just as Android
>> leveraged the linux kernel?
>> Is the Android WM / Compositor so different from X11 that it is simply
>> unpossible?
>> Could an ICS port to X86 use bits of the open source nouveau or radeon
>> drivers and thus become a fairly decent decent desktop or laptop OS,
>> maybe even to the point of accessing the various app stores?
>> Could this be a future version of Fedora?
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> Android makes an excellent example of how the Linux kernel is versatile
> enough to drive application specific solutions tailored to a specific use
> case.  The platform's success on mobile hardware doesn't make it well
> suited to the desktop.   Fedora makes an excellent admin or development
> workstation, but that doesn't mean it is suited for use in point of sale
> systems or embedded Linux toasters.  I think its great that products are
> becoming more tailored for the way we use them, but I'm not about to jump
> on this ridiculous "the desktop is dead" bandwagon that's become popular
> linkbait lately.

Just being able to reliably run .apk files on the desktop would be nice.

The Google / Android Emulator is practically unusable IMHO and in my 
opinion google glosses over / casually closes bugs reported against it.

I don't know enough (technically) to speak on what strategy / roadmap 
could be followed to run .apk files on a Fedora x86 desktop.

The whole .jar vs. .apk container is part of the Oracle-Google lawsuit 
as I recall.


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