penta-booting hard-disk: who would administer the hard-disk office?

Linux Tyro fedora.bkn at
Thu Nov 24 16:48:37 UTC 2011


As I have liked Linux (yes, I am windows convert), so with 2 GB RAM
and 250 GB hard-disk, I am now going to make hard-disk penta boot as

Fedora - 20 GB - installing it,  - /root  (20 GB)
openSUSE - 10 GB installing with /root (10 GB)
Ubuntu - 10 GB installing with /root (10 GB)
Debian - 10 GB installing with /root (10 GB)
Mint - 10 GB installing with /root (10 GB)

/home - 190 GB (remaining space)

In this scenario,  I have just few doubts:

While suppose I first install Fedora, I have to use /root for 20 GB,
/home for 190 GB (which automatically becomes Logical partition...?)
or should I make both primary and logical other distros...?

Similarly proceeding with all distros, and allocating space from the
unallocated ones, okay but installed other distros would come in

After final installation, which distros would govern the booting menu?
Since some may have GRUB2 and others may have GRUB Legacy, so changing
one file might disturb the other or vice-versa? Or is it like that if
I have installed /root (Fedora) at first, so only /boot/grub/menu.lst
of Fedora would govern the hard-disk and the changes made in this file
would be done automatically with other installed distros too...Trying
this new geeky way of installation but I have no prior experience
since earlier I had installed only two distros - Fedora dual booted
with Windows, but now I am trying to remove Windows completely and
installed these distros.... Any suggestions....welcome....Thanks.


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