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Dear trolls (yes, I address it to you as well),

get out from under your bridge (happy turkey, btw) and read this:

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Now, let me comment on this once again.
RH and RH-controlled Fedora constitute a flawed products offering model.

RHEL/CentOS/SL are good for "install-and-forget" operation; they are not good
for "stay-current-and-reasonably-stable" operation mainly due to too old
kernel, but also for some users due to too old apps.
Fedora is a test system distro, by everybody's admission; this is also
amplified by misguided handling of the *default* choice of DE, which is that
RH-influenced disaster called GNOME 3.

The above mentioned stats (see other thread) reflect that; that they show
almost half of Fedora sites migrated to other distros/OSs is not so
surprsising considering its "test system OS" state, but that a similar size
flight affected RH products confirms exactly what I say about the flawed
products offering model.

Clearly, there is a need for a RH-base distro product that would fill in
the void with a more current kernel AND reasonably stable base and user apps.
The current combo of RH products and Fedora does not fit into reality of
users expectations.
As you see, apparently there is also an issue of quality of service.
The so called "smart money" has already left, the other half of the herd is
running towards the cliff, making themselves irrelevant as a product (Fedora).

That's why I said it here and in the other (stats) thread it is time to blink
and reconstitute RH-controlled Fedora project for the new goal.
Yes, it is time to catch up with reality.


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