penta-booting hard-disk: who would administer the hard-disk office?

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Fri Nov 25 08:33:12 UTC 2011

On 11/25/2011 02:31 PM, Linux Tyro wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Ed Greshko<Ed.Greshko at>  wrote:
>> What is the purpose for doing all of this?  Is it just to play with each
>> distro?  That is, not really work?  If that is the case, then maybe
>> you'd be better off using one distro and then having VM's for the others.
> Well the purpose is to know the things, it would however,be done on the holiday.

I see....  Do you mean "holiday" or "weekend"?  :-)

Where in India do you live?  Have you had any luck in finding a LUG near 
you as was suggested a while back?  I as that since you've said you are 
a "beginner", you have chosen a pseudonym to reflect that, and it just 
seemed that you'd benefit from that type of one-on-one environment.  
Years ago I ran an LUG internal to a company and it helped the new hires 
learn the ins and outs.

>> I'm a bit surprised you're loading up OpenSuse.  You seemed to have just
>> left the OpenSuse mailing list after having getting into a dust-up over
>> the purpose of the mailing list.  Your last message on OpenSuse was
>> "Goodbye OpenSuse".  Do you still plan to use it and just have given up
>> on the OpenSuse community?
> I am using mainly Fedora, openSUSE would be a second installation, it
> is just trials. Goodbye 'openSUSE' doesn't mean that one cannot
> reinstall it but yes, it is not the main installation, which is Fedora
> and it is the one which could occupy the hard-disk in majority.....

Of course you can install openSuse.  I'm just surprised that, being a 
beginner, you'd install that distro when their community seemed a bit 
hostile when it came to, what they felt, were basic questions that could 
be easily answered by doing a bit of research.
> I am playing with all these on holidays since I heard some one saying,
> 'The more you do practice with your hands, the better you know abt the
> stuff'.

Well, as a beginner, aren't you concerned that you'll be dividing up 
your time too much so that you'll not become proficient in one area and 
that you'll confuse the way things are done among the distros?

> Said that, I don't know which distributions' /boot/grub/menu.lst would
> actually govern? Since editing one would have essentially changes in
> the other too? I don't know but I am guessing to not go with LVM right
> now, but only in the Extended partition.....(I hope, a better
> strategy....).
> Sharing /home would, I guess not a problem, since I would be giving
> different user names in each distributions.

I'm sure others will be better at guiding you to a working configuration 
that you think you want.

I still like using VM's for my "alternate" distros as it is easy to take 
snap shots as you muck around and you can have multiple distros up and 
running at the same time so you can compare things.  Also, when and if 
you get tired of a particular distro you just delete the VM's.  Makes 
redistribution of empty space a whole lot easier.

Good Luck....

Even if you do learn to speak correct English, whom are you going to 
speak it to? -- Clarence Darrow

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