Occasional panel freeze under Fedora-16

mike cloaked mike.cloaked at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 15:41:55 UTC 2011

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 3:26 PM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net> wrote:
> I wonder if anyone else has suffered from this?
> I'm running Fedora-16/KDE on my laptop.
> Occasionally - two or three times a day -
> I cannot get any response from my panel,
> eg clicking on the f-icon has no effect.
> If I am currently on a desktop, this isn't affected;
> I can list directories, edit a file, etc.
> I've used "top" to see what is going on,
> but I didn't see anything unusual there.
> The situation rights itself after about 30 seconds.
> I'm not sure if the problem is related to firefox.

I have sometimes had the plasma-workspace freeze also - I am unsure
what it is related to - but possibly to chrome in my case - but if I
use the keyboard shortcuts to switch virtual desktops it sometimes
clears - and also if I use ctrl-F2 to get to a different console, and
then back to the graphical console it also sometimes clears but often
if I then logout I get a plasma-workspace crash reporter coming up
when I try to logout - occasionally I find that I have continued to
work but then if I go to the "Leave" icon it freezes and won't logout
or shutdown - tickling it with the keyboard shortcuts sometimes
unfreezes it but then usually the KDE crash reporter comes up during
the shutdown process.... so I don't know what the culprit is but I
have no indications in the logs that anything is unusual!
mike c

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