penta-booting hard-disk: who would administer the hard-disk office?

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Fri Nov 25 16:04:16 UTC 2011

> On 11/25/2011 07:04 AM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> I.e. I have a "master grub" /boot partition, which chainloads indivdual 
> "boot" partitions of other OSes.
> I.e. my partitioning basically looks like this:
> /dev/sda1	boot (master grub partition, contains only grub).
> /dev/sda<N>	OS<N>'s /boot
> /dev/sda<N+1>   OS<N>'s swap
> /dev/sda<N+2>   OS<N>'s /
> /dev/sda<M>	OS<M>'s /boot
> /dev/sda<M+1>   OS<M>'s swap
> /dev/sda<M+2>   OS<M>'s /

years back when i started playing with slackware linux, i still had oos
installed and used an oos master boot loader.

it lasted for a while, but it did not have some of the features of lilo.
so, when i added red hat, i changed to lilo. after fedora came out, i
changed to grub, when fedora changed. problem was that i had problems
getting chain loading to work. being that i had all partitions mounted
under each distrib, when i had a kernel upgrade, i pulled the new kernel
lines and pasted them into the master grub.conf file. i booted oos from
a floppy. ;)

my partitioning was similar to what you show, with a swap for each distrib,
but only 1 master boot partition.

on this system, i have my 'internet' system on primary master with it's
own swap and /home partition.

primary slave is partitioned for other distribs with master boot as sda1.
sda5 is main 'home' partition.

see my reply to Tim.


peace out.



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