Occasional panel freeze under Fedora-16

JB jb.1234abcd at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 16:57:38 UTC 2011

Ranjan Maitra <maitra <at> iastate.edu> writes:

> ... 
> The other option is to get rid of lxpanel (killall lxpanel), and use
> something else. In F15, I  used peksystray for the system tray and
> docky for the panel (I compiled them myself.) Neither of these are RPMs
> on Fedora: I have considered putting them together, but it seems
> complicated.

With regard to LXDE and lxpanel we have improved quite few related things in
the past prior to F16.
The problem is that lxpanel does not have a maintainer.
So if you have proposals for substitutions please file a lxpanel bugzilla
report and let the LXDE maintainer know about it. He will check things out
and package them if approved.
He made one substitution that I know of in a recent release so he is open to
that provided all other things are OK.
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