Gimp partially froze-up, in F-14.. and, The OS needs be made more efficient...

Linda McLeod lindavaldeen at
Fri Nov 25 18:53:30 UTC 2011

Gimp partially froze-up, in F-14, on largest solid brush, then brush
wouldn't cover the line made by the brush's perimeter, as if that area
was now locked, but the brush would cover anywhere else on the pix, and
as it did painting it ran a solid horizontal blanking line across the
screen from left to right, but only in the area of colour I needed
painted.. like it was a new primary feature, "brush combined with clone

Has anyone had this happen in F-14, F-15, or F-16..?  Is this a Gimp
fault, or a Fedora fault..  or is Gimp evolving itself..?

It seems to be a glitch that maybe opened-up the possibility of a new
feature..?  Maybe features can be married so many things happen on one
click or stroke..?

I do pix edits as a pastime hobby..  After editing, I must click to
resize, resize, click "ok", click save, click "yes I want to save it"..
five operations that two could do..  It makes the computer inefficient,
when the "computer" is supposedly the epitome of evolution and
efficiency.. Seems "laziness", and "slowness", and thankless motivation,
and general misdirection, is all depleting the efficiency progress of
the evolution of the computer.. is one of the computer's era's
(for those whom that statement went way over your head.. please don't be
"pissing in my face" just because you can't handle thought in those
areas..  It's obviously not for you!..  If thinking makes your head hurt
or, then Pulease! just don't read my posts)...

Would be nice if I could resize the pix, then click "save", all done in
two clicks.. 

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