Fedora - time to blink

Matt Rose mattrose at folkwolf.net
Fri Nov 25 19:24:04 UTC 2011

> On 25 November 2011 22:30, Matt Rose <mattrose at folkwolf.net> wrote:
>> The customizations I do, very little of it has to do with Gnome3
>> specifically.  In fact, only the focus follows mouse issue.  Most of
>> it
>> has to do with the terrible, terrible font rendering, the lack of
>> support
>> for most modern media formats, and other annoyances.  I've had to do
>> these
>> tweaks for far longer than Gnome3 was around.
>> Matt
> There is many ready solutions for this purposes. They are not included
> in fedora because of license restrictions. For example, in the review
> mentioned in the first post fedorautils package is mentioned. It can
> handle a lot of routine work one ordinary does in order to get
> "properly working system". However in my opinion most of this things
> are meaningless for work. Candy eyes are for losers.

When you spend as much time in front of a computer trying to get actual
work done, eye candy, like decent readable fonts that don't make you
crosseyed, or the ability to watch screencasts or listen to podcasts are
essential.  you can dismiss it all you want, but if I couldn't solve these
problems, I wouldn't use Fedora, I'd be forced into using a Mac.  I guess
I'm a loser.

Ah, and the license restriction canard.  I was actually expecting this
one.  If Fedora can't distribute this software because of license
restrictions, how come RPMFusion can, and Ubuntu can, and SuSE can, and,
and, and.

The sad truth is that these are political problems that other distros have
solved, but Fedora hasn't bothered to yet.


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