Printer problem Samsung CLX-3170

Jim binarynut at
Fri Nov 25 19:24:57 UTC 2011

On 11/25/2011 11:12 AM, mike cloaked wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 4:17 AM, Jim<binarynut at>  wrote:
>> On 11/23/2011 04:23 PM, mike cloaked wrote:
>> /usr/lib/cups/filter/ a
>>   usr/lib/cups/filter/ has the rastertosamsungsplc and rastertosamsungspl in
>> it and permissions are the same as other execute files.
>> /usr/share/cups/model/foomatic-db-ppds/Samsung/  I put the
>> CLX3170splc.ppd.gz (driver for my printer CLX3175FN) in that directory.
>> And I still get the same error message in cups setup when I try to Print a
>> Test page.
>> Idle - /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertosamsungsplc failed
> This may seem a silly question but after making changes to the files
> did you amend the printer setup/definition to make sure that it
> included the changes?
> What I do is to open a browser and go to localhost:631 and then click
> the "Printers" tab and select the printer you want to check or update
> the definition of - then select the "Administration" tab and go to
> "Modify Printer" and work through the screens.... ensure you really
> are selecting the driver that you think you are.....
> Of course you may already be doing that in which case something else
> is the issue - also did you try to install the splix package from
> updates-testing?
This is weird Mike , if I open Firefox and type in, IP to 
printer it shows a Information page
from there I can PRINT  out reports of the printer from that page.
But I can't print out anything like a txt doc or Print Test Page.
I strongly feel that this problem has to be with Fedora 16 and the 
initial clean install.
When I finished install I had to do a  service cups start
Because cups was not running .
I guess I will have to do another clean install of Fedora 16.
I will do that tomorrow , For now I have to go to my sisters house and 
help polish off the remaining Turkey from yesterdays dinner.

Thanks again Mike

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