penta-booting hard-disk: who would administer the hard-disk office?

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Sat Nov 26 05:26:58 UTC 2011

On 11/26/2011 12:50 PM, g wrote:
> On 11/26/2011 04:13 AM, Ed Greshko wrote:
> <>
>> What part isn't true?  Nowhere in what I've written did I compare SL
>> with Fedora.  Nowhere did I make any claims of stable v.s. unstable.
>> So, I'm puzzled as to why you would do so.
> whoa mule. 8-D

I have no idea what you are getting at....

You did write in your previous email (and removed it from here)....

"SL is very stable...."  So, you are bringing in the concept of 
"stability" while saying what I've said is some how untrue.  I don't get it.

> have you install SL?


> i have and there where no default *scientific* programs installed.

I didn't say "scientific program".  I said:  applications for the 
"scientific" community.   gives a 
list of what is added.

The one "error" I made was thinking these were installed by "default" 
when they are only included.

Somehow I think you have it in your mind that I am recommending staying 
away from SL.  I feel you are attempting to generate controversy or 
something for some reason that I can't figure out.

IMO, many people see the words "Fermi Labs" and "CERN" and somehow 
impart a mystical power to this spin/distro.

Even if you read the SL website they say....  (With * highlights)

Its primary purpose is to reduce duplicated effort of the labs, and to 
have a common install base for the various experimenters.

The base SL distribution is *basically* Enterprise Linux, recompiled 
from source.

Our main goal for the base distribution is to have *everything 
compatible with Enterprise*, with only a few *minor additions or 
changes*. Examples of items that were added are Alpine, and OpenAFS.

Because the main goal of Scientific Linux is to have everything 
compatible with Enterprise, we have kept our modifications to a minimum. 
But we have made changes. *The majority of the changes are not seen, or 
merely cosmetic.*

SL is a fine distribution.  I've never said otherwise.

I don't see any point in continuing.  I feel you are being argumentative 
for the sake of arguing.

Even if you do learn to speak correct English, whom are you going to 
speak it to? -- Clarence Darrow

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