Fedora - time to blink

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 26 18:57:05 UTC 2011

> I've always had the suspicion that the real reason
> redhat won't distribute the original tools is the
> incredibly abrasive personality of the author
> (on display in this bugzilla and his web site :-).
Here we go again! :)  Red Hat won't distribute the original, Fedora is NOT Red Hat, but Red Hat does control Fedora ***blink*** and thus is what we get.  

It also makes me think which EGO is bigger(his or Red Hat)?  :)  He(J. Schilling) is the original author, he wrote the code under GPL for many years, then something bad happens, disagreements, ...., etc and a change was made.  He changed the license to CDDL which apparently by FSF is incompatible with GPL, ..., and the new cdrkit as made and distributed.  The good thing is that one can get the source and build it and be done with it.  Like some folks say, May the source be with You!
> Abrasive personality or not though, he is correct
> that the forked tools are so bug ridden as to be
> useless. They can write CDs - that's it. Any attempt
> to write DVDs produces an infinite supply of
> coasters, yet they continue to claim the tools
> work on DVDs and blu-rays.
the cdrkit fork is based on an old technology(cdrtools 2.01aX ) and not recent versions of cdrecord and thus lack the features found in original :(
Also before like some folks have mentioned to get the dvd/blue ray burning code, there was a key needed before, and J. Schilling later released the keyless version of cdrecord pro which had the dvd burning capability and new improvements :)  
> Meanwhile, the original tools work perfectly
I have even used the original with windows using cgywin(thanks Red Hat)


and it lives up to its expectations.  
> (and are fortunately easy to build from source).
> -- 



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